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NAME: Atticus Bell
FANDOM: Original
AGE: 21
GENDER: male
ORIENTATION: bicurious, but he identifies as homosexual

What I AM okay with:</font> Just about anything not on the other list. Ping me with questions.
What I am NOT okay with:</font> Scat, heavy gore, vore

PERSONALITY: Atticus is a self-described nerd, and he has been as long as he can remember. He’s always liked school and can go on at length about his favorite scifi authors and TV shows. He’s done his fair share of table-top RP and even a bit of LARPing. Because of this, he has a very active imagination.

He’s also always felt like a bit of an outsider, though his supportive family have helped him to overcome this by choosing to be friendly and outgoing. He tends to make friends with other people who are somehow outsiders. It’s not that he didn’t get along with the cool kids; it’s just that he always assumed they wouldn’t be interested in hanging out with him.

He’s a supportive friend and a generally positive person, though since he’s been turned, he’s developed something of a temper that he has trouble controlling, which often ends in violence since he hasn’t learned to control his wolfish instincts. His lycanthropy has also exaggerated his protective tendencies, and he forms strong bonds with friends. He’s not an alpha by any means, but he will look after those he sees as weaker than himself.

In general, Atticus tends to be somewhat self-deprecating. He knows he’s a talented musician and that he’s relatively good-looking, but he’ll argue with anyone who calls him a genius or handsome. When he’s nervous, he tends to laugh more than usual, and he fiddles with his glasses (which he no longer needs to wear, but they make him more comfortable, so he wears fake ones now).

OTHER: Atticus is a brand-new baby werewolf. He doesn’t quite have a handle on what that means yet as he ran away from the guy who turned him pretty much as soon as he found out. He's starting to get the hang of things now, and can shift at will, though he still has trouble shifting back to human during a full moon. His temper is fairly volatile, but he's using meditation and other methods to develop some control of that. His biggest struggle at the moment is accepting that the wolf is part of him.

In human form, while he’s stronger and faster than most humans, he can still be killed/hurt by anything that would kill/hurt a very healthy human being, though he’ll heal much faster. In wolf form, he needs the stereotypical silver bullet to take him down. As a survival mechanism, if he’s in real, physical danger in his human form, he’ll undergo an instinctual shift into his wolf form whether he wants to or not.

APPEARANCE: 5’8”; black, curly, perpetually out of control hair; now that he’s turned, his eyes are a golden-ish amber color, they get steadily brighter the closer he gets to the full moon, and flicker when he's angry or passionate; athletic build, bordering on muscular; relatively hairy. He also has three scars in the shape of human teethmarks: one on his right shoulder, one around his left nipple, and one high on the inside of his right thigh. His wolf form is of average size, so it’s not immediately obvious that he’s not a regular wolf. He has black fur and the same golden-ish amber colored eyes.

Name: skidmo
AIM/PLURK/OTHER: skidmo (plurk)
EMAIL: PM through Atticus’ journal, please

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